Markus Prenninger & Hannes Steindl


No sweet without sweat – this is just one guiding principles the two CEOs of PALFINGER EPSILON grew up with and which still influences their actions today.  Hannes was very early challenged and supported by his uncle who let him lead his first team already at the age of 21. Today this experience is passed further by Hannes: He personally encourages talented and diligent employees. Markus puts his heart and soul into PALFINGER and the EPSILON team as well. His days are filled with productivity and efficiency. The two General Managers reconcile in short and precise meetings several times a day. Hannes expects that from the employees as well: Hence it may happen that presentations are shortened after ten minutes, because everything should be said within the time. 
Employees, both current and future employees are very important to both GMs. That’s why Hannes and Markus take their time to get to know each candidate, who is proposed by the executives. 

Both GMs have an extraordinary good intuition for the team and its dynamics - therefore they do not hesitate to transferring responsibility to young adults. Honesty and equity are the most important qualities for the management. And those who have earned a chance, they get it. 
Hannes and Markus are the best example of how two characters can complement each other perfectly. While Hannes is responsible for the Construction, Purchasing Department, Development and Assembling, Markus is in charge of Sales, Marketing and Customer Service. This complement results in success: where the one has the idea, the other asks the right questions. In this way successful concepts are developed.
On top of that, Hannes himself runs a small agriculture and forestry business, where he tests the PALFINGER EPSILON products in the field and finds ideas for further optimisations. Markus, who has already travelled halfway round the world due to his sales activities, prefers to spend the weekend in the nature and with sports. However, on Monday they are back on time in the company. After all no sweet without sweat.

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