EPSILON X120F - forestry as a life task

30. August 2023
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In the idyllic region of Upper Franconia in Germany lives and works the 37-year-old Daniel Hopfenmüller, who is not only proud of his home but also has a deep connection to nature. His life's journey is closely linked to the Hopfenmüller family business, which is steeped in tradition and has been dedicated to forestry for generations. Together with his parents, he runs this business, which not only deals with wood processing on a daily basis, but also embodies a philosophy of life with it.

The inspiration of Daniel's grandfather, who even at the age of 84 still spends time in the woods, inspires him everyday. This generational passion adds meaning to his daily work. His grandfather's words accompany him every day, "When you turn your hobby into a profession, you always win."

Daniel Hopfenmüller sees nature not only as his workplace, but also as a living space that inspires him. For him, being close to nature are not just words, but his daily drive, which brings him great joy. He sees the raw material of wood as a deep-rooted connection that has been passed down from generation to generation in his family. This bond is evident in his respectful treatment of every forest he enters. It is important to him to view the forest as a shared habitat and to protect it.

In 2005, the Hopfenmüller family decided to mount the first EPSILON crane on one of their trucks. This innovative addition reignited Daniel's passion and led to further investments in EPSILON cranes. To this day, these cranes accompany the team in their work in the forest. Especially on rainy days, Daniel is very happy to have a reliable partner like PALFINGER EPSILON by his side. These days are important because they play a crucial role in the recovery of the forest. 

The choice for the EcoLog was not a spontaneous decision for Daniel Hopfenmüller at the time. A PALFINGER EPSILON X crane is assembled in series at the forestry machine manufacturer and this was essential for Daniel. He decided on the EPSILON X120F 105 at the time and was fascinated by the smooth coordination between the control system and the machine right from the start.

Daniel Hopfenmüller embodies the combination of tradition, innovation and closeness to nature in forestry. His passion for sustainable wood processing and his respectful treatment of nature are inspiring and remind us that our environment is a responsibility that we share.

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