16. April 2024
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Since its debut at the Interforst 2022 fair in Munich, Germany, the PALFINGER EPSILON GENERATION 3 forestry cranes have been a game-changer. These cranes stand out for their focus on comfort, attractive design, and high technology. They are designed to meet all the needs of our customers, who have been instrumental in driving the development of innovative, personalized, and sustainable solutions.

The new GENERATION 3 Series has already made its mark in several countries in the EMEA region, including Spain. Thanks to our customers' trust, we've successfully delivered two GENERATION 3 forestry cranes in Catalonia, facilitated by our commercial delegate, Óscar Torres from PALFINGER Catalunya.

Both forestry cranes correspond to PALFINGER EPSILON new TZ12 model with COMFORT DRIVE, mounted on Scania and MAN trucks. They have a maximum loading capacity of 1110 kg at 9.8 meters of total reach with double extension. 


Autonomous company from the municipality of Puig-Reig, Barcelona. With 20 years of experience in the road freight transport and forestry industry sector. It is a company that has been passed down from generation to generation until it reached its latest owner, Iván García, who has shared with us his experience with PALFINGER EPSILON and the new acquisition of GENERATION 3.

Ivan, tell us, how has the transition from the previous PALFINGER EPSILON range to the new GENERATION 3 been?
There is a big step between the previous version and the new one. What I can highlight is the comfort, speed, and safety.

What was the reason you decided to acquire a new GENERATION 3 crane? 
I needed a new crane, and I already knew the brand, so I decided to search and compare information on my own. I relied on the information I found on the PALFINGER YouTube channel and the official PALFINGER EPSILON website, where I realized that the new models had recently been launched. I saw that they had a large hood ideal for forests and rural environments. That's what caught my attention, so I decided to contact PALFINGER to acquire it.

Ivan, would you recommend the new GENERATION 3 range?
Yes, one hundred percent! Because you feel safe with the COMFORT DRIVE, you feel very comfortable thanks to the horizontal and vertical suspension that relieves the back and has joysticks on the control that facilitate the manipulation of the crane. I wasn't sure that the hood could protect you from the rain, but I had the opportunity to try it, and it really is excellent and very well achieved. You don't get wet, and it protects you from the sun and wind. This is very well achieved! 😊

It is a company based in Barcelona with more than 27 years of experience in the construction sector, specializing in excavations and crane truck services. They have a fleet of machinery for construction, civil works, and excavation. They are dedicated to transporting raw materials such as aggregates, stone, wood, and derivatives, like the mass material delivery service with a concrete mixer truck. They specialize in jobs with difficult access and execution in confined spaces. Their machinery is mainly used for gardening, dumping low-height basements, loading and unloading logs, branches, or vegetable remains, and construction.
Albert Font, a representative of SO’TS, shares with us some of the tasks that the new PALFINGER EPSILON GENERATION 3 Forestry Crane will carry out within his company.

Albert, tell us, when and where did you first hear about the new GENERATION 3 from PALFINGER? 
In the last turnkey delivery with PALFINGER. They recommended this new type of machine to us because it has a series of hydraulic advantages that significantly improve operation. As a company, we aim to offer good machinery to our team, which is why we have moved forward with acquiring this series.

What has been the key point of acquiring it?
Basically, the fact that it is a new technology because SO’TS always bets on innovation. Additionally, the hydraulic control improves its agility and precision, especially in sensitive tasks, reducing the possibility of damaging the truck itself.

Tell us, What the uses of your new GENERATION 3 Crane will be?
We are dedicated to collecting organic biomass before it is treated. Additionally, we transport large forest masses, basically logs. So, this new technology, this specific crane, is specially designed for this and helps us a lot in developing our work.

From PALFINGER Iberica and its official delegate, PALFINGER Catalunya, we want to thank the trust of our Catalan customers for being the first to acquire the new PALFINGER EPSILON GENERATION 3 Cranes in Spain, and we wish a long life to these powerful machines.

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