From start-up to global market leader

The company, established in 1980,has spent many years as the world's leading manufacturer of cranes for timber handling,recycling applications and construction. EPSILON is also a full-service provider in the OFF-ROAD sector.

Since 1988, the multinational company has been a proud member of the listed PALFINGER Group and, in addition to its headquarters in Bergheim, Austria, operates production and assembly facilities in Europe, North and South America as well as Asia.

Building on the strategic cornerstones of innovation, internationalisation and increased flexibility of products, services and processes, EPSILON has made developing the most technically innovative solutions one of its guiding principles. To allow for a prioritization of the challenges and opportunities of digital transformation, this time-tested strategy has been supplemented by a fourth pillar: PALFINGER 21st stands for new core competences, new approaches, new products, services and business models in the digital age. As part of this, the company's foremost objective is helping customers to achieve more success in their work. One of the company's key aims is offering tailor-made solutions to customers. 'Expert knowledge for the experts' is the theme for the way in which EPSILON customers constantly provide inspiration for ongoing development of the comprehensive portfolio.

You can find an overview featuring the major milestones in the history of EPSILON Kran GmbH on our Timeline.


Our mission statement

  • We are constantly striving to offer solutions that meet the very highest technological standards.
  • We consider ourselves adept at communicating with our customers.
  • Our solutions are aimed at making customers even more successful.
  • Our lean and efficient organisation means a focus on teamwork and a fast pace when it comes to delivering information and making decisions. A sense of responsibility, respectful interaction and a motivational management style are among the keys to success.


How you benefit

  • This constant forward movement, plus the perfection of our products, help us to deliver state-of-the-art solutions to you, the customer.
  • Alongside outstanding quality in terms of consulting, dependable order processing and the utmost in product quality, we offer impressive expertise in forestry cranes and recycling solutions. When you make a suggestion, we see it as a challenge and inspiration for future developments.
  • Based on our specialist expertise and our deeply held conviction that we must never stop working on improving our solutions, we start every day by setting ourselves the challenge of taking the seemingly impossible and making it possible.
  • By giving every individual the opportunity to take the initiative, maintain ongoing training and demonstrate personal commitment and making these the essential values of our living, breathing corporate culture, we help to boost the success of our company – and thus your success as well.


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The Elsbethen site

Based in Elsbethen, near Salzburg in Austria, the company and its products are represented globally in the PALFINGER network by approximately 200 general importers and roughly 4,500 sales and service centres, which means that wherever you are, we're never far away.

In 2000, the assembly facility in Elsbethen opened.

In 2015, the location underwent significant expansion and was outfitted with the latest facilities, with a new assembly hall, new production lines and the innovation centre. This is where EPSILON ON-ROAD, OFF-ROAD and recycling cranes are produced for use all over the world.

In 2020, the innovation center, which only opened in 2015, was already too small due to the high increase in production and staff. Therefore, the office building was extended by two floors in order to offer all employees an adequate workplace and to be prepared for further growth.


Christophorusstraße 30
5061 Elsbethen-Glasenbach

T +43 (0)662 629548-0
E epsilon@palfinger.com


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'Global Business – Global Structure' is the motto that demonstrates how important it is to EPSILON to offer customers local services wherever possible. In view of the growing trend towards internationalisation, the aim of a global structure is to enable the company to deliver the best possible performance in various markets around the world. In operational terms, the entire PALFINGER Group is run through Area Sales Divisions.
The areas of EMEANorth America,South America and Asia are defined as independent market regions. This structure ensures that decisions are made locally, flexibly and quickly.