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Your feedback helps our ideas to grow.

We asked ourselves a question: who knows best what the perfect cranes for wood haulage should look like? The answer: those who work with them.

That's why working with our customers is the ideal platform for perfect performance, as your words, requirements and points of view are the foundations on which we create lifting capacity, installation height and boom geometry – the features that characterise the new generation of timber cranes.

The result: The longest reach in its class, fully integrated centralized greasing options, the new COMFORT DRIVE control system, the new PALFINGER SMART CONTROL assistance system, and new outrigger options offering an even wider range of support.

With the aim of building even stronger cranes without adding weight for exceptional performance, the steel structure has been completely redeveloped and extensively optimized on the GENERATION 3. The new GENERATION 3 comprises a wide range of products with lifting capacities between 10 and 18 metric tonnes on both the Z and L type cranes

Are you smart enought? More information about our intelligent assistance system SMART CONTROL

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model range: Generation 3

Model range: Epsolution