EPSILON C70G: Superhero of Lisbon

26. June 2023
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A normal working day for the portuguese Nuno Dias begins with a trip to the Lisbon City Council. He has been a valued member of the team for eight years and responsible for operating the EPSILON C70G in terms of waste disposal for 7 years.

Lisbon had undergone a transformation thanks to its unique waste separation system and the EPSILON crane. Hidden underground, trash is collected with the help of the EPSILON C70G, contributing to a clean and beautiful cityscape. No unsightly trash bins are found on the street and thus the smell is also reduced. For these reasons, Lisbon, together with EPSILON, can present itself as a pioneer in terms of waste disposal.

Impressive stability and safety: For Nuno, the EPSILON C70G is something special from the very beginning. Its stability and safety are impressive. In all these years, Nuno has never experienced the crane not being able to lift a load. His conviction is reinforced with every use: The EPSILON crane is a true powerhouse.

The perfect choreography: Nuno starts each stop of the waste disposal route with a clear routine. First, the truck must be parked safely. Then he turns on the PTO, stabilizes the vehicle, and lift the crane towards the trash bin. With practiced movements, the crane opens the lid of the trash bin and lifts it effortlessly. A skillful swing, and the trash is dumped safely in the vehicle. He can do this job safely and efficiently in just 6-7 minutes. 

The flexibility of a master acrobat: One of the outstanding features of the EPSILON crane is its ability to take almost any angle. Nuno often struggles with narrow streets, but the EPSILON crane makes it possible to reach sharper angles than any other crane. With full extension and an impressive 1000kg lifting capacity, it can lift and move trash bins with ease. The crane's versatility makes Nuno's job much easier and makes him look like a true acrobat.

The art of smooth operation: Nuno explained that moving the trash bins smoothly and evenly is a crucial factor. The EPSILON C70G allows him to move the weight without trembling. This is especially helpful during loading and unloading. The weight remains stable and the work processes are smooth and safer.
The reliable partner: Nuno raves about the reliability of the EPSILON crane. In all these years, the crane has never failed or let him down. It simply works excellently and always ensures a first-class working day. For Nuno, the EPSILON C70G is perfect.

Conclusion: The Lisbon City Council has found a trustworthy partner in EPSILON. With its stability, flexibility and reliability, the crane made their work easier and safer. Lisbon's unique waste disposal method, supported by the EPSILON crane, helped to make the city more beautiful and livable. A win-win situation for all!

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