The extended hand of our customers: FG53S-V forestry grapple

20. September 2023
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The FG53S-V forestry grapple is specially designed to provide better penetration into the wood. This is achieved by an improved bevel geometry, which has minimal steps between the grab lip and the claw. The optimized bevel on the gripping lip ensures efficient wood gripping.

With a generous grab area of 0.5 square meters, the FG53S-V offers an impressive maximum load of 6000 kilograms. It can easily operate at a maximum operating pressure of 24 MPa and offers a strong clamp force of 19 kN.

Despite its robust performance characteristics, this forestry grapple is pleasingly lightweight, weighing just 270 kilograms. The FG53S-V is the ideal choice for demanding forestry and logging applications that require efficient and reliable timber handling.

We asked our customer Jimmy Thyr from Bredsands Skogstransporter AB in Sweden, about his experience with our FG53S-V grapple. Jimmy has the most extensive expertise in using the FG53S-V. He raves about the ideal combination of the EPSILON FG53S-V for log operations in combination with his M12Z. His choice of this grapple was made at the time because of the special design of the SV version, which was specifically developed for improved penetration into wood piles thanks to its V shape. Jimmy points out that this bevel allows the wood to be gripped particularly efficiently, especially in combination with Z cranes.

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