The new Q-SERIES NEXT EPSOLUTION ONROAD with 20,000 watts takes centre stage

26. September 2017
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The new onroad model of the Q-series for wood loading cranes from EPSILON is a further milestone in the industry and thus deserves to take centre stage. For the series launch in mid 2018, scenes for the product presentation video were shot in early September.

"Made in Salzburg/Austria" 
A long-established company based in Salzburg, PALFINGER EPSILON is drawing the attention to the extreme requirements of the Austrian mountain forests. To this end, it is placing the spotlight on the EPSILON Q17Z on the Gaisberg, Salzburg's very own mountain and so beloved by its citizens. Specifically for the challenging shooting in the grey light of dawn, floodlights with over 20,000 watts of power were delivered from Munich and set up on site. 

"The EPSILON Q17Z - a true highlight!"
The Q17Z put on quite a show for the cameras. As the lightest crane in its class (a weight saving of up to 10%) and with the longest reach (up to 11 metres), it put on a stunning performance when loading the tree trunks at top speed (up to 15% faster). Thanks to the excellent performance of the new LED headlights (3 x 2600 lumens brightness), the EPSILON Q17Z created a good impression, even in the early dawn.
Since shooting started during the night and the conditions of the terrain occasionally proved challenging, full commitment was required of the ten-person team. In particular, test driver Patrick, from Leitner Holztransport, showed considerable dedication and remained in a good mood at all times and concentrated on the job at hand, despite the sometimes icy cold.

"I find it extremely exciting to have the opportunity to work with the prototype of the new NEXT EPSOLUTION Q-series as a test driver over an extended period of time. I was in direct contact with the manufacturer so I was always able to give my feedback for fine tuning. My first impression so far: the new crane is very impressive! 
The crane features tried-and-tested features that have already won everyone over, such as the Master Drive with EPSHOOD and the internal hose routing to the base frame, which I already knew from the M-series. In addition to these, what particularly impressed me was the enormous lifting capacity and precision with which the new crane works. I therefore lost no time in suggesting to EPSILON that they develop an even bigger grab for the model as I have the feeling that the crane could lift even more than I can get into the currently largest FG 53 grab. The suggestion has already been gratefully received by the EPSILON designers and a development project based on this has started straight away. It is really amazing to see how quickly and with what enthusiasm the entire EPSILON team is reacting to my feedback here," says test driver Patrick Oberascher during a short break in shooting. 

Shooting took place under autumnal weather conditions over two full days, making for a total of 25 hours. Thanks to the good organisation and the absolutely relaxed atmosphere on set, the participants remained motivated at all times and never lost their concentration for a second.

"There is no doubt that we achieved the goal of showing the passion for the new Q-series in pictures thanks to these images. We've already given too much away – the result can speak for itself! With the pictures that resulted, we will have no difficulty showing the reliability, innovation and efficiency of the EPSILON Q17Z in the coming year," says Bernhard Gerstmair, marketing manager at PALFINGER EPSILON.
The pictures that were taken during this exciting shooting schedule will be available in early 2018 on our website – note it in your diary!

More infomration about the prototype Q17Z Next epsolution can be found in our product section wood haulage Q-Series.

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