Exhibits at INTERFORST 2018

From start-up to global market leader

Building on the strategic cornerstones of innovation, internationalisation and increased flexibility of products, services and processes, EPSILON has made developing the most technically innovative solutions one of its guiding principles.  As part of this, the company's foremost objective is helping customers to achieve more success in their work.

Get an overview of our product range, which you can experience live at the INTERFORST 2018 at the PALFINGER EPSILON booth no. FM 710/11 – outdoor area:


Smart Control

The new boom tip control

Thanks to Smart Control, the new boom tip controller, crane operation is easier, more intuitive and faster than ever. 
Crane operators no longer have to control each cylinder individually because now, thanks to the electronic assistance system, the operator can concentrate exclusively on the boom tip
Smart Control also allows the crane’s physical capability to be utilised to the full in every situation by ensuring that the most important movement parameters are perfectly optimised with each other in every position. 

This helps to enhance the efficiency of work performed using the crane and ensures that crane operators are not quite as exhausted as they used to be at the end of the day. This places less of a physical load overall on operators, which, in turn, helps to prevent accidents and significantly reduce crane training times.

Smart Control is also the only system on the market to feature an adaptive gripper tip controller. This means that when objects are lifted from the ground, the gripper is also raised automatically so that it does not come into contact with the ground when it closes. This reduces not only ground disturbance but also damage to the truck loading surface. 

In addition, the integrated electronic limit position damper helps to significantly reduce wear on the main components.

With this latest product, too, PALFINGER EPSILON has once again given a lot of attention to service-friendliness. The sensors, for example, can be maintained and replaced without the hydraulic cylinders also having to be removed.

Virtual Drive

The new Virtual Reality Control Mode

The new Virtual Drive – as a concept study, the virtual-reality (VR) control system developed by PALFINGER EPSILON offers some early insight into the control technology of tomorrow
A perfectly designed VR control system offers not only enhanced driver comfort and safety but also a range of additional benefits such as a better overview of the situation, additional loads and reduced fuel consumption.

With the Interforst concept prototypes, EPSILON is showcasing a fully functional, state-of-the-art system that offers a range of new features not available with current systems. 

You'll be amazed at what's possible with the technology that's already available, albeit with one slight caveat. Technological progress – especially in the field of VR glasses – is currently not quite as advanced as EPSILON would like.
For example, the resolution and field of vision of the VR glasses that are currently available are still limited compared with crane operation without VR assistance.
Despite our global quest for the very best VR technology and the fact that we are using the most state-of-the-art VR glasses currently available on the market (and that represent a tangible improvement on older systems), the technological progress being made in this field still does not meet the typically high standards expected by PALFINGER EPISLON. 

But EPSILON is well equipped for the future! As soon as VR glasses offer the kind of resolution we expect, there'll be no stopping us. We are continuing to monitor developments in this field together with our international team and will keep our customers up to date on progress in the future.

In the meantime, experience what VR technology can already offer and how easy and intuitive it is to use this crane controller – especially in combination with electronic assistance from Smart Control.


Q14Z, Q17Z, Q14L, Q17L

Q-series (Onroad) - the Highlights:

  • Lightest crane in its class – up to 10% weight reduction compared to the predecessor series.
  • The longest reach in its class – up to 11m outreach (Q-series, Z-crane)
  • The completely new designed armsystem with new geometry offers up to 1400mm more outreach!
  • Higher crane speed – up to 15% more speed compared to the predecessor series
  • Very user friendly – no more hose package between main boom and crane base. Oilflow through slewing distributor. Slewing distributor can be demounted without disassembling the crane
  • Available with the well-proven control models MASTER DRIVE (hydraulic pilot operated), Classic Drive and EPSCAB cabins (hydraulic or electrical)
  • LED lights are standard: 2x on top seat, 1x on knuckleboom, LED 3x1000 Lumen as Standard, 3x2600 Lumen optional


S11F107 (Forwarder)
  • S-Series (Forwarder/Offroad) - the Highlights:

  • Presentation S11F107 first crane of the S-series (Offroad).
  • Lightest crane in its class – up to 8% lighter compared to the predecessor series! 
  • Longest reach in its class – up to 10,7 m => +600mm compared to the predecessor series at the same parking position! 
  • Higher net lifting power at compareable gross lifting power (compared to the predecessor series) .
  • More compact telescope armsystem provides a better parking position. 
  • Faster telescope for more efficient working. 
  • Better view and installation possibilities because of a new control valve package on the crane column with extremely solid design cover.
  • Very user friendly – no more hose package between main boom and crane base. Oilflow through slewing distributor. Slewing distributor can be demounted without disassembling the crane! 
  • EPSLIGHT 2.0 as standard: EPSILON’s new intelligent spotlights for Forwarder cranes – Simpler, smarter, better protected! LED 3x1000 Lumen as standard - 2x on main boom, 1x on knuckle boom (3x2600 Lumen optional).


Model range: EPSOLUTION

The S-Series is the heavy-duty class of EPSILON cranes in this model range. With lifting capacities of 22 to 30 tonne metres, this class is ideally suited to hard long wood handling.geeignet.

Download - Brochure „S220L-S300L HPLS"