EPSILON Highlights 2018

Highlights of EPSILOn Products 2018

We tinker and draw up designs, put things together and tighten bolts. That means that our machinery is created on the basis of the requirements of our customers. We turn words into lifting capacity, installation height and boom geometry. We focus on solutions, not problems.
That is Epsolution.

Please see below to get an overview about the highlights which you will see at the EPSILON booth no. FM 710 / 11 (outdoor area) at INTERFORST 2018:


The new boom tip control
  • Crane operators now have to concentrate only on the boom tip, not on the individual movements of the cylinders
  • Easy and intuitive – accident prevention, faster training
  • Crane operation is much faster – up to 15% faster than all previous EPSILON control systems
  • Operators suffer from less mental fatigue – helps to prevent accidents and makes life easier for operators
  • Even more efficient – Smart Control allows the crane's physical capability to be utilised to the full in every situation 
  • Steady speed of the gripper – regardless of the reach
  • Reduced wear thanks to electronic limit position damping
  • Adaptive gripper tip controller (gripper is raised automatically when close to the ground) – easier operation and less damage to the truck loading surface
  • Exceptionally service-friendly – the sensors can be maintained and replaced without the hydraulic cylinders having to be removed as well


The new Virtual Reality Control Mode
  • Crane operation with the assistance of VR glasses directly from the truck cab – enhanced comfort and safety
  • The control technology of tomorrow – today!
  • Most sophisticated VR glasses technology available on the market 
  • Extensive range of innovative features compared with existing VR systems
  • Exceptionally intuitive control in combination with Smart Control


Q14Z, Q17Z, Q14L, Q17L

Q-series (Onroad) - the Highlights:

  • Lightest crane in its class – up to 10% weight reduction compared to the predecessor series.
  • The longest reach in its class – up to 11m outreach (Q-series, Z-crane)
  • The completely new designed armsystem with new geometry offers up to 1400mm more outreach!
  • Higher crane speed – up to 15% more speed compared to the predecessor series
  • Very user friendly – no more hose package between main boom and crane base. Oilflow through slewing distributor. Slewing distributor can be demounted without disassembling the crane
  • Available with the well-proven control models MASTER DRIVE (hydraulic pilot operated), Classic Drive and EPSCAB cabins (hydraulic or electrical)
  • LED lights are standard: 2x on top seat, 1x on knuckleboom, LED 3x1000 Lumen as Standard, 3x2600 Lumen optional


S11F107 (Forwarder)
  • S-Series (Forwarder/Offroad) - the Highlights:

  • Presentation S11F107 first crane of the S-series (Offroad).
  • Lightest crane in its class – up to 8% lighter compared to the predecessor series! 
  • Longest reach in its class – up to 10,7 m => +600mm compared to the predecessor series at the same parking position! 
  • Higher net lifting power at compareable gross lifting power (compared to the predecessor series) .
  • More compact telescope armsystem provides a better parking position. 
  • Faster telescope for more efficient working. 
  • Better view and installation possibilities because of a new control valve package on the crane column with extremely solid design cover.
  • Very user friendly – no more hose package between main boom and crane base. Oilflow through slewing distributor. Slewing distributor can be demounted without disassembling the crane! 
  • EPSLIGHT 2.0 as standard: EPSILON’s new intelligent spotlights for Forwarder cranes – Simpler, smarter, better protected! LED 3x1000 Lumen as standard - 2x on main boom, 1x on knuckle boom (3x2600 Lumen optional).

The lightest crane in its class

Q17Z with Classic Drive

Weight is playing an increasingly important role in the world of professional timber handling. The commercial pressure on timber hauliers is on the up, and maximum loading capacities are constantly being tightened. In keeping with the corporate objective of 'helping customers to achieve even greater success in their work', PALFINGER EPSILON wants to make a significant contribution to reducing weight for its customers.

Thanks to the use of high-tensile steels combined with state-of-the-art, computer-aided simulation methods (3D and finite element calculations), it has been possible to reduce the unladen weight of the Q- and S-Series of the NEXT EPSOLUTION model range significantly – while making a number of key technical improvements.

As almost 80 percent of the steel components are produced in-house, it can always be guaranteed that the material is only delivered exactly where it is needed. Millimetre for millimetre, component for component – at the highest level of quality.

The fastest crane in its class


The crane speed of the Q-Series has also been improved significantly. Cranes in the higher lifting classes from 14 tonne metres upwards are usually much slower than smaller models.
Not so with the new EPSILON Q-Series!

Thanks to increased pressure and smaller cylinder diameters, it achieves a crane speed 15% higher.
This means that customers can access maximum speed even at higher lifting capacities.

up to eleven METERs – the longest reach in its class

New double telescope for Z-Cranes

EPSILON has taken a fresh approach to the extension boom system with a protected, internal hose guide and internal telescopic cylinder! The new design of the double telescopic system for Z-cranes enables up to 1400 mm greater reach than the previous model. This means a total reach of an incredible 11 m.

The synchronous principle of the telescopic system ensures exceptionally high and constant extension speeds.


Firmly in the saddle

The benchmark for comfort and user-friendliness has been raised to a new level with the unique top seat from PALFINGER EPSILON. The Master Drive not only gives the operator full control for every job, but also enables extremely careful handling thanks to its sophisticated design and top-class technology. The ergonomic design of the mechanically suspended top seat ensures a high level of seat comfort, and all functions are immediately within reach with the multi-function armrest.

As option, the Master Drive can be combined with our EPSHOOD.

This crane operator protection system keeps wind, rain and sun away from the operator, guaranteeing maximum comfort at any time.

Internal hose guide

Hiding pays off

When it comes to ease of servicing and technical convenience, no crane manufacturer can hold a candle to PALFINGER EPSILON. The unique design of the internal hose guide enables simple handling for the operator every time.

In addition, the internal hose guide reduces the risk of damage to the hoses. Nevertheless, service openings on the crane make it possible to carry out any replacement work, which, in turn, saves time and money.