GENERATION 3 customer interview

18. October 2022
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Jürgen Reibnegger is one of the first GENERATION 3 customers in Austria. He has been using his new TZ12 98 since early September 2022. How much he likes the new crane and what his personal highlights are, check out in the interview.

Reibnegger GmbH in Kaindorf in Carinthia was founded in 1948 and is now managed by the third generation. It all started as a traditional logging company and it developed further into today's transport company with modern logging technology. Currently, nine trucks are in operation, most of them are equipped with EPSILON cranes. 

Jürgen Reibnegger runs the family business with passion. He is one of the first customers of the new GENERATION 3 in Austria. He has been using the new crane since the Klagenfurt timber fair in early September 2022. His new TZ12 98 has a reach of 9.8m. The timber crane is operated with the new COMFORT DRIVE control system, and the package is rounded off with manual lubrication system and a 4.8m outrigger for optimum stability. We interviewed him to find out how much he likes the new crane and what his personal highlights are.

Jürgen, please tell us what you like best about your job? What motivates you to get up every day?

My favorite time is early in the morning. Where no one is awake yet and no phone is ringing. You're up on the mountain, you see the sunrise, and you're riding down into the valley. It's a feeling you can't describe. I could not imagine doing anything else. 

Did you work with EPSILON products before?

We got our first EPSILON M120Z in 2011. Me as the management and also the drivers were enthusiastic about the EPSILON products from the very beginning. The quality of the cranes is just great - we have almost no damage.

You are one of our first GENERATION 3 customers (in Austria) and have been using the crane since the Klagenfurt Timber Fair in September 2022. What feedback do you have for us, how do you like it?

I am very happy to have chosen an EPSILON GENERATION 3 crane. It is the best crane I have ever had. The controllability is awesome. Just as smooth as butter!

The new GENERATION 3 has some new features like a new outreach, the COMFORT DRIVE, new lubrication systems and outrigger options. What is your personal highlight and why?

At the beginning, I was afraid of the change from the side seat to the new COMFORT DRIVE high seat. However, it only took me 2-3 moves to get used to the new control system. The seating position allows for relaxed and comfortable working position. The suspension of the seat is also a dream.

Does the new outrigger reach make a big difference?

With the new TZ12 I have an outrigger reach of 4.8m now and you can definitely feel that. Despite the longer outreach of 9.8m, the stability is also a lot better. I would not change anything here: It fits perfectly the way it was designed! 

Do you have any honest closing words for us and our potential customers of the new GENERATION 3?

In general, let me say: Always be open to new things! Before buying the new crane, I simply followed an invitation from your sales partner and received extensive information. The decision was quickly made for the new GENERATION 3 and I couldn't be happier.

Thank you Jürgen for the interview and all the best with your new crane!

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