We see digitalisation as an opportunity to be seized. But any progress in this area needs to be matched by advancements in hardware. If we do not systematically integrate electronic systems in crane hardware, we will end up with nothing more than a cobbled-together compromise – and that would not meet the high standards of PALFINGER EPSILON. 

For this giant leap in technology, we are completely re-thinking our hardware and software. We are systematically enhancing and refining our cranes, building on PALFINGER EPSILON's traditional strengths in steel construction and hydraulics. We intend to maintain our status as the world champion of lifting solutions. But leading the way in lightweight construction and payload will no longer be enough to meet these lofty ambitions in the future. Intelligent systems featuring smart functions are becoming increasingly important factors in helping customers decide what to buy.

'In future, customers will want crane control systems that function so intuitively that any truck driver will be able to operate a loader crane', explained Stefan Oberleitner (CEO of EPSILON Kran GmbH). 'That is exactly what Smart Control offers. We will be delighted to demonstrate that Smart Control really is that easy to use – it's a dream to operate (find out more: Smart Control and Virtual Drive at Interforst).'

With Smart Control, PALFINGER is in the vanguard of technological development, offering a 3D crane control system that gives customers added value that they will truly notice, day after day.

The new Virtual Drive – as a concept study, the virtual-reality (VR) control system developed by PALFINGER EPSILON offers a tantalising glimpse into the control technology of tomorrow. 

We are also breaking new ground in how we present our top crane features. The PALFINGER XR Augmented Reality app makes it possible to see the entire range of PALFINGER cranes on a single mobile device. Thanks to 3D animations, cranes can be examined from all sides with a 360° view. Important crane information can also be accessed via a side menu in the form of short texts, images and videos.

As a result, we have made the future a reality by integrating in the EPSILON product range the applications and benefits of electronic assistance systems for crane operators and companies.


The new boom tip controller

Thanks to Smart Control, the new boom tip controller, crane operation is easier, more intuitive and faster than ever
Crane operators no longer have to control each cylinder individually because now, thanks to the electronic assistance system, the operator can concentrate exclusively on the boom tip



The new Virtual Reality Control Mode

The new Virtual Drive – as a concept study, the virtual-reality (VR) control system developed by PALFINGER EPSILON offers a tantalising glimpse into the control technology of tomorrow
A perfectly designed VR control system offers not only enhanced driver comfort and safety, but also a range of additional benefits such as a better overview of the situation, additional loads and reduced fuel consumption.



Discover the highlights of the latest PALFINGER Cranes in 3D, Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR)

PALFINGER XR App enables you to experience the main features of the latest PALFINGER Cranes (e.g. EPSILON Q17Z) in three hyperrealistic Modes: 3D, Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) Mode
In all three modes, the main features are marked with hotspots and illustrated in detail with animations, pictures, videos and text.