Woman power in the Black Forest

01. April 2022
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Carolin Baumeister handles heavy-duty short logs with the help of the EPSILON Q150Z with no problem. She shows us how easy it is to load large tree trunks using a powerful and reliable crane.

The young transport firm entrepreneur Carolin Baumeister has everything firmly under control at Baumeister Transporte GmbH. Together with her father and her boyfriend, the Power woman runs a successful family business, which was founded in 2011 and is based in Bösingen near Rottweil in the German state of Baden-Württemberg. “Every day, we transport several truckloads of logs measuring two to six meters in length. We either drive the timber from the forests to nearby sawmills and paper mills, or we load the wood directly onto railroad wagons,” says Carolin Baumeister with enthusiasm.

During today's assignment, the amicable entrepreneur takes us with her to a job at Seedorf in the Black Forest. On this sunny day, several truckloads of logs need to be transported from there to a sawmill in Offenburg, which is about 70 km away. Once we arrived at the forest, Carolin Baumeister climbs onto the EPSILON top seat and starts operating the crane with ease. You can feel the passion and immediately realize that this young woman has been working with cranes since childhood. She knows exactly which levers she needs to operate is all about her work effortlessly. Operating cranes used to be a hobby for Carolin Baumeister and initially a part-time job. “I often helped my father and brother in the woods in the evening or on weekends. I’m trained as a technical product designer in the first place, but very soon I realized that I enjoyed working with cranes much more than doing my office job” she continues while doing her job.

Carolin Baumeister has everything under control with her crane. She maneuvers the heavy equipment and lifts one heavy trunk after another onto her truck with ease. “Hikers often stop to admire my work in the forest because they are surprised to see a girl operate such large unit,” says the likeable young crane operator. But she's gotten used to that. Working at the limit is easy for her, especially with the EPSILON Q150Z, which the company has had in operation for two years. “Before we had the Q150Z, we often needed two cranes to handle the work that this crane now manages easily on its own,” says Carolin Baumeister while she reaches over to grab the next log. Working with precision, she lifts the thick logs that are between 2.5 and 3 meters long and places them neatly on the trailer.

The young crane specialist sits majestically on the top seat of her timber crane, which offers protection even in adverse weather conditions thanks to its pneumatically folding EPSHOOD weather protection roof. “The heated seat and the weather protection roof are really handy in bad weather. That is ideal if you often spend the whole day working with the crane,” says Carolin Baumeister while she is fully focused on loading the next tree trunks onto her truck.

The truck and trailer are loaded very quickly, and she then folds the crane into its compact transport position across the direction of travel, so that the truck's loading volume can be optimally utilized. We accompany Carolin Baumeister to her next location at the sawmill in Offenburg, where she unloads the heavy logs again. You can see that the young crane operator really enjoys her work. Even if every day presents new challenges for her and her heavy-duty unit. The rugged construction of the EPSILON Q150Z enables efficient and easy work. The EPSILON Q-series is optimally designed for tough short log jobs. “Our loader cranes often run continuously. It is particularly important to have a reliable crane that can handle heavy loads,” says Carolin Baumeister while she sweeps up and cleans her truck as now the job is done. Even after this hard day at work, she still has a smile on her face. She knows what she has achieved on this long and successful day in the forest and is happily on her way back home.

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