The EPSILON M13Z shines in combination with the Mercedes-Benz Arocs 2153

22. February 2023
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At Klaffenböck Baum und Natur GmbH, everything revolves around the topic of tree and nature care, garden design, special tree felling and winter service in icy temperatures. Although he usually has to get up early in the winter months, he has a big smile on his face. And he has every reason to. The Natternbach company from Markus Klaffenböck has moved into the new headquarters just outside of his home town.

Martin is very happy. "We have long considered and planned the step here - this is a real milestone for us." His company, which was founded in 2011 as a one-man company, now consists of a total of 13 employees and is equipped with pick-ups, wheel loaders and construction machinery and vans on the way.

In order to be perfectly equipped for the upcoming season, the entrepreneur has expanded his fleet with the new Mercedes-Benz Arocs 2153. "530 hp, 2-way tipper, each with a one meter high side wall, many storage boxes and fully equipped interior with auxiliary heating and air conditioning as well as the highest level of comfort," he says proudly.

The modern PALFINGER EPSILON crane M13Z, which is set up behind the tipper, is real adding value for the entrepreneur. "A dream. The reach of 10.5 meters is completely sufficient for our needs and since the arm and gripper can be folded together behind the bridge, I can also tip without having to laboriously move the crane arm out of the way.”

Martin and his company are responsible for the entire green facility management of the more than 200,000 square meter facility. And even if it's not very green here today after the snowfall last night, there's plenty to do.

He stops the truck with pinpoint accuracy next to a huge pile of cut branches and twigs, climbs out of the driver's cab and folds out the crane's Master Drive high seat at the touch of a button. Markus then takes over everything else from above. "Looks cool, doesn't it?" he calls down to us and activates the controls. He extends the supports, unfolds the crane and quickly lifts the green waste into the tipper with the gripper. And thanks to seat heating, all this is quite comfortable, even in the cold winter days.

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