Recycling Company Operates Truck with Ingenious Set-up

01. October 2021
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Crane container can be loaded from either end

Schultz Recycling GmbH implemented an eye-catching transport solution for its own fleet. Based in Kropp, the company specializes in metal collection and recycling in Schleswig-Holstein. Two of the three PALFINGER roll-off tipper trucks feature extra equipment. In addition to DIN 30722 containers, the identical trucks can load a special container with a permanently mounted EPSILON Q170 L 95 Triple Recycling Crane. The crane container can be picked up and operated from both sides with the roll-off tipper. Depending on requirements, the truck drives to the job with the recycling crane mounted at the rear or behind the cab.

Four hydraulically operated interlocks mounted on the roll-off tipper body provide a secure connection between the crane container and the truck chassis.

The PALFINGER operating system does not give the crane clearance for operation until a signal is given to confirm the interlocks are engaged. Another special feature is the PALFINGER HPSC stability system and the third telescopic extension on the 2nd knuckle boom. The gives the orange peel grab extra reach, and also provides the shortest possible stowage position for transport. The hydraulic lines are positioned so that they are protected, as is the hydraulic cylinder with toggle lever technology mounted at the top of the 1st knuckle boom. The two outriggers can be folded upwards hydraulically by radio control. The crane container can then be unloaded and loaded from the ground as normal. Quick-release couplings connect the hydraulics and electrics to the truck’s systems. In addition to the radio control system, the crane is also equipped with a top seat. 

Truck driver Jörg Doormann is usually on the road with a trailer and loads the crane container so the crane is at the back. “From the top seat, I have the best view of the work area during loading operations and can load both containers from that position,” reports Doormann. 
The bodywork was implemented by Querhammer Fahrzeugbau in Gettorf, not far from Kropp. PALFINGER supplied the roll-off tipper as well as the EPSILON crane with an interface already prepared for the additional container interlock safety circuit. 
Safety features such as a reversing camera, light bars and multiple floodlights enhance safety even while operating in the dark. They complement the active safety systems of PALFINGER truck-mounted system and underline the quality of the full-solution vehicles supplied by Querhammer Fahrzeugbau. There is plenty of stowage space and even a walk-over cover for the rear axles made of indestructible aluminum checker plate.  

Photos: PALFINGER GmbH / D 

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