Lightning start - from 0 to 36 cranes in one year.

09. July 2021
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The cities of Marrakech and Tangier in Morocco rely on the speed and reliability of PALFINGER EPSILON cranes for emptying containers.

Together with Blue Box, a general agent in Morocco, we were able to win two large tenders. In the middle of the Corona pandemic, the cities of Marrakech and Tangier issued a tender for container waste disposal. Mecomar - the top waste disposal provider there - won the contract with vehicles equipped with PALFINGER EPSILON cranes. We were able to stand out against the current competitors in the market and now have the opportunity to become established long-term in Morocco.

Waste disposal with container emptying systems involves the various containers being lifted by crane and emptied into the vehicle’s waste compactor. This type of waste disposal truck makes 2-3 trips per day, with approximately 20-30 stops per trip. For this task, we have implemented the Epsolution Q- series, which has a proven track record in recycling applications. Special trucks for washing the empty containers are equipped with Epsolution M-series cranes. In addition, a C-series crane is used for smaller cleanup jobs at the roadside. Winning this tender impressively illustrates how important it is for our customers to have a large product portfolio for different applications.

The first 20 vehicles have now been completed and officially handed over in Marrakech. Another 16 vehicles for Tangier will follow this year in autumn. In future, we want to convince even more cities to use PALFINGER EPSILON cranes and further expand our presence in Africa.

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