EPSILON sub-partner from Estonia wins the Malle Moto class at the Dakar Rally

25. April 2017
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Like man, like machine This photo cannot fail to impress. It shows Toomas Triisa, sales partner for "chipper applications" at Autra OÜ, the Estonian sales partner of VTA TEHNIKA AS (official PALFINGER partner in Estonia) for JENZ chippers mounted with EPSILON cranes.

Like man, like machine
This photo cannot fail to impress. It shows Toomas Triisa, sales partner for "chipper applications" at Website Autra Estonia, the Estonian sales partner of VTA Tehnika - PALFINGER Partner Estonia (official PALFINGER partner in Estonia) for Website JENZ Chippers chippers mounted with EPSILON cranes.

The extreme requirements that Hacker trucks in particular are exposed to on a daily basis when it comes to duration of use, material stress and service are also something that Toomas Triisa is confronted with in his second profession as a motocross rider. Not satisfied with his countless victories as motocross champion in Estonia and the Baltic States, he is always on the lookout for the next challenge – such as the Malle Moto class in the South American Dakar Rally.

The Malle Moto class at the Dakar Rally 2017
In this special class, the challenge is not only to cross the desert regions of South America as quickly as possible – competitors also have to do it all on their own without the large, well-organized teams that usually accompany riders in the Dakar Rally. This means that Toomas is not only a rider – as well as being responsible for carrying his own tent he is also the mechanic, service technician, cook, navigator and chief strategist all rolled into one.
What is even more astonishing is that when Toomas Triisa @ Dakar won this ultimate extreme class, it was only the second time he had competed in the Dakar Rally (after a complete breakdown during his first appearance in 2014). This was not only, but at least partly, thanks to the sponsorship activities of PALFINGER's Estonian dealer VTA TEHNIKA AS, as can be seen from the impressive official press photos.

Operation under extreme conditions – customer expertise
Toomas can also put to good use the skills that he picks up from this extreme sport in his regular occupation as an installation partner. From scheduling and the best possible technical installation solution to suit the special requirements of a customer to the fastest possible on-site service, Toomas rarely sees anything as a major challenge.
As a result, working for the installation partner Autra OÜ, Toomas and his team meet even the toughest requirements of a PALFINGER partner with flying colours and are always on hand in an emergency to provide customers with the best advice and guidance.

A long-lasting partnership
It is therefore no surprise that the PALFINGER – VTA TEHNIKA AS – AUTRA OÜ partnership has consistently been on good terms. This cooperation has existed for more than seven years, in which time more than 15 Jenz chippers mounted with EPSILON cranes have been introduced in Estonia.

After his resounding success at the previous Dakar Rally, Toomas and the whole Estonia Dakar Rally team are naturally raring to go next year. PALFINGER EPSILON and VTA TEHNIKA AS wish them the best of luck for their intensive preparation and are crossing their fingers for the Dakar Rally 2018.

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