Stefan Kopp

Development engineer

It is often the case in life that the youngest in particular need to prove themselves before people will put their confidence in them. Stefan Kopp was just 19 when he joined PALFINGER EPSILON. However, he quickly proved that the company was right to trust him. Today, three years later, he is a development engineer with a very broad field of responsibilities and a great deal of variety in his day-to-day work. This includes such examples as 3D design in Creo, market analysis, prototype construction support, research and series development.

'I have also undergone a lot of personal development as a result of my job', says the versatile young man proudly. 'I've actually got used to the challenges. My friends and family will confirm that.' Motivated from head to toe, he is fulfilling the expectations of him – and regularly setting himself new targets.

In the years to come, he would like to take on new international projects and undergo further professional training. That's something else that you often find in life: it's not just about what others trust you to do. It's also about what you trust yourself to do. Stefan, for example, had already travelled with and on behalf of PALFINGER EPSILON by the age of 20, and he has taken responsibility for various projects in Brazil and Russia. He learned a lot about himself on the way, and discovered that he loves travelling. He has tremendous potential, completes his numerous tasks on time and is very organised – but he also knows how best to delegate and what he can entrust to whom. Naturally, that is important for someone who sees a management role in his future. He has big plans, does Stefan. Even if he is the youngest.

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