Peter Pürgy

Business development manager

There's a reason that many professional sportspeople later become motivational coaches, and that is that they simply have a very special attitude. Determination. Guts. Ambition. Much like Peter Pürgy, for whom competitive cross-country skiing was at the centre of everything when he was younger. He now works in sales at PALFINGER EPSILON. There, he demonstrates that he still strives for top performance.

However, if you're imagining Peter as the overzealous type, you couldn't be further from the truth. He has a thoroughly sunny disposition, he's always in a good mood and he has a ready smile – especially when he's talking about his job. The Salzburg native, who enjoys nature and local traditions, always has a positive outlook and is an EPSILON team member through and through. 'It's just a great product,' he says, explaining his enthusiasm for PALFINGER cranes.
After training as a technician in timber construction, he devoted himself to music, and is a member of a military band in Salzburg. The 'woodworm' started his career at a leading environmentally friendly timber construction company.

Yet that wasn't all, as he studied business management at the same time as working. Peter's Meindl hiking boots are standard equipment for him, both at work and in his free time. 'They've already trodden on all five continents', he says. 'I never travel without them'.

It's a good thing that he sometimes needs those boots at PALFINGER EPSILON as well, and he always takes them when he ventures out to attend meetings in western Europe and the Americas. He can then put them on to head into the forest with his customers and get to know their requirements and working methods in the field. He finds working with other cultures to be an enriching experience, and he has had many fascinating encounters on his travels. Something else that's exciting for him is that in 2017, he is taking the next step at PALFINGER: becoming business development manager. A step that he's sure to make in his Meindl boots.

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