COMFORT DRIVE lateral topseat

The new COMFORT DRIVE lateral topseat focuses on the operator and addresses their specific needs and requirements to handle a tough working day. The result is a customer-specific solution offering a well-thought-out solution, with an all-round view and an ergonomic control layout to create a future-oriented workplace. 




The comfort topseat of PALFINGER EPSILON

  • Joysticks (JH): two hydraulic joysticks and two pedals
  • Comfortable and ergonomically designed for maximum productivity
  • Sensitive, smooth and ergonomic crane operation due to hydraulic pilot control
  • Increased seat comfort due to seat heating, as well as vertical and horizontal suspension
  • High sense of safety due to protective seat shell
  • Seat, armrests and pedals can be individually adjusted to driver’s needs
  • Compact transport position due to manually foldable seat shell
  • Hydraulic valve is protected with a robust metal sheet
  • High-quality control valves in double circuit constant pump operation 
  • EN12999 compliant CE equipment
  • Controllable stabilization from the topseat
  • Seat manually foldable & distance adjustable
  • Right side mounted on crane column
  • Ascent via angled ladder from behind


Turns night into day

If the days are too short for longer tasks, the new 360-degree lighting concept turns night into day to create optimal working conditions even in the dark.

  • 6x LED lights on control stand: each with 3000 Lumen
  • 2x LED lights on knuckle boom: each with 3000 Lumen


Protected from the wind and weather

The mechanically operated crane operator guard offers enhanced safety and comfort. Durability is ensured by the robust and solid steel frame. The replaceable, tinted polycarbonate panels guarantee an unobstructed all-round view of the work area. 

The mechanically operated crane operator guard can be safely manipulated from the ladder. In the parked position, the roof protects seat and control against dirt, wet, damage.