comfort Drive

With the new compact COMFORT DRIVE, crane operators are clearly the center of our work. 

The result is maximum ergonomics while operating the crane and minimum fatigue during longer tasks.
The Grammer seat features suspension for perfect comfort. Due to the hydraulic pilot system, the crane controls are highly sensitive and precise. The new joystick options give you a firm grasp of every situation.

comfort drive versions

comfort Drive


  • Joysticks (JH): two hydraulic joysticks and two pedals
  • Linear lever (4 LH): four hydraulic levers and two pedals
  • Linear levers (5 LH): five hydraulic levers and one pedal
  • Sensitive, smooth and ergonomic crane operation due to hydraulic pilot control
  • Increased comfort due to protecting seat shell
  • Seat, armrests and pedals are individually adjustable to driver's needs
  • Compact transport position due to manual foldable seat shell
  • Hydraulic valve is protected with a robust metal sheet
  • High-quality control valves in double circuit constant pump operation or single curcuit load sensing design
  • EN12999 compliant CE equipment 
  • Controllable stabilization from the top seat
  • Manual foldable & distance adjustable seat shell, rear mounted on column, steps on both sides

360-degree light concept

Turns night into day 

If the days are too short for longer tasks, the new 360-degree lighting concept turns night into day to create optimal working conditions even in the dark.

  • 6x LED lights on control stand: each with 3000 Lumen
  • 2x LED lights on knuckle boom: each with 3000 Lumen






The newly developed crane operator protection EPSHOOD ensures optimum protection during work.

The folding mechanism and technical thermoplastic keep wind, rain and sun away from the operator at all times, ensuring maximum comfort every time.

  • Hydraulic tiltanle with parallel kinematics
  • Operation on crane base
  • Protection cover made of polycarbonat with metal holders