A Day with a Biber in its Natural Habitat

20. agosto 2021
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Say biber (beaver), and you are actually talking about the very latest technology? Then it must be Eschlböck in Prambachkirchen, Upper Austria. In April, the first MAN TG3 6x6 with Eschlböck Biber chipper, EPSILON M100LD and FG27R grapple was delivered.

Eschlböck is a family-owned company that has been providing inventions and innovations to the agricultural and forestry industries since 1984. Over the years, the company has become established as a force to be reckoned with for innovative chipper engineering. Under the brand name Biber, the company produces a complete range of machines from wood chippers for landscaping to large machines for industry. 


Eschlböck has been working together successfully with the truck manufacturer MAN for over 15 years. They also worked together on the new MAN TG3 6x6 with a 510 hp engine and all-wheel drive. The chassis comes from MAN and features an impressive design and powerful drive train. 
Eschlböck installs the chipper and modifies the cabin and cooling system, among other things. According to Markus Altenstrasser, sales manager at Eschlböck, the requirements of the customers have changed in recent years. In the past, power was taken from the transfer case, while today, preference is given to an intermediate gearbox between the engine and the automatic transmission. The power is taken directly from the truck engine, so the customer has the advantage of being able to move the chipper back and forth without disengaging the chipper rotor. This is a system specially developed by Eschlböck that is constantly being optimized.

One highlight is the level of convenience provided. The operator seat gives the operator plenty of room and is also equipped with air conditioning and heating. The EPSILON M100LD is installed directly behind it. 


EPSILON works exclusively with professional original equipment manufacturers in the chipper sector and offers a comprehensive range of cranes for every size of chipper. EPSILON cranes increase the productivity of the chipper because the professional solutions EPSCOPE and EPSLINK ensure that all hoses up to the grapple are protected and routed inside. The extension cylinder is also located on the inside and is easy to service. This means the operator can focus fully on the chipped material.


For the customer, the result is a powerful, compact and modern overall concept consisting of
•    a reliable MAN TG3 with Eschlböck superstructure, 
•    additional beaver chipper and
•    PALFINGER EPSILON crane with FG27R grapple. 


Photo credit: Eschelböck (c)

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