30. marzo 2024
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Copper is an essential raw material for numerous day-to-day products and makes a significant contribution to the actual global economy. From the exploration, mining and processing of copper ores, not only efficiency plays an important role in the copper mining activities, but strict environmental regulations must also be observed in order to minimize the impact on the environment. The PALFINGER EPSILON M100LD97 crane is used at this very important point. In the middle of the operation of trucks and heavy machinery in a copper factory, soil samples are continuously taken to check their quality and composition.

The EPSILON M100L is not only suitable for the conventional transportation of timber and scrap, but can also be used as a test collector. In Bulgaria, the EPSILON M100LD97 is equipped with a PALFINGER auger and positioned in a stationary position. The crane takes an average of three samples per truck, resulting in a collection of up to 200 samples per day. It is remote-controlled via radio to give the operator optimum visibility and ensure maximum safety. This is where the EPSILON M100LD97 demonstrates its efficiency by replacing manual sampling by humans. With its fast and precise movements, the crane not only improves the operational process of the company, but also maximizes productivity. More samples taken in less time means a significant return on investment and ensures customer satisfaction. The increasing use of fixed solutions like this in Bulgaria lays the foundation for the future and points to a promising trend that will drive efficiency in mining in 2024 and beyond.

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