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10. mai 2020
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Challenging jobs, quick (turning) movements, long periods of work without interruption and a wide range of applications – these are the characteristics that set PALFINGER EPSILON cranes apart from the rest. Their daily tasks range from scrap handling using clamshell grabbers to timber transport both on and off road. Innovative, technically advanced and easy to service, PALFINGER EPSILON cranes are therefore the right partners for an extensive array of applications.

PALFINGER EPSILON cranes are divided into cranes for the timber sector or for recycling and construction, depending on their different fields of application. Urban recycling applications have more demanding safety requirements than rural timber applications. For example, recycling cranes require special crane features such as load holding valves and extended high-performance stability control.

In timber applications, the long periods of work without interruption, constant operational readiness and the quality of the cranes are what count above all else. The robustness of PALFINGER EPSILON cranes is also crucial. Out in the forest, operators are far from any infrastructure, making even minor repairs all the more difficult. In general, all PALFINGER EPSILON cranes also fall under the category of either an L-crane or a Z-crane, which will be explained in more detail later.


Forests filter soot and dust from the atmosphere, provide protection against avalanches and give people a place to relax. Forest holders and forestry companies manage and care for forests, never harvesting more than can be grown back. To support this work, PALFINGER EPSILON cranes are used in the timber sector worldwide. The cranes are used through the entire operational process, accompanying the timber from felling in the forest to processing in the sawmill. PALFINGER EPSILON cranes are divided into on- and off-road applications.

It is the task of the off-road vehicles to transport the felled tree trunks to a truck across almost impassable terrain. Cranes on tractors, skidders or forwarders are used for this purpose. As soon as the trunks are on a truck, their journey to the sawmill begins. In the on-road area, there are again two different methods of transport – special cranes for transporting short wood (up to 6 meters long) and long wood (6–22 meters long).


The topic of sustainability has become increasingly important in recent years. It is no wonder, then, that the amount of recyclable materials is increasing all the time across the world. Handling recycled material is extremely demanding for both man and machine. Robust design, high-precision control and many solutions specific to PALFINGER EPSILON are intended to make this work easier and more efficient.

In the field of recycling, the product range of PALFINGER EPSILON cranes can again be divided into different areas of application. For example, some cranes are used for various types of scrap handling and container emptying. In addition to recycling, there are also applications for clamshell grabbers in the construction industry. Fine materials such as sand or soil can be scooped up easily and loaded quickly. 

As well as the distinction between timber, recycling and construction, there is a general distinction between L- and Z-cranes:


The L-crane is characterized above all by its outstanding performance. The long main boom and the shorter knuckle boom result in a perfect working geometry. Thanks to the long main boom, L-cranes can operate at high speed and boast excellent hook height, both of which in turn increase productivity. The parked position is usually inside a container.


Compared with the L-crane, the Z-crane is much more compact and so can be folded up transversely to the direction of travel. This means that the vehicle can be fully loaded up to the legally permissible total height.

The product diversity of PALFINGER EPSILON cranes is plain to see wherever you look. The products are smart, innovative and versatile. They are real all-rounders in the timber and recycling sectors and are ready for any application in the future, too!

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