29. juillet 2019
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On 11 July 2019, UPM Central European Wood Sourcing (UPM CEWS), a timber purchasing organisation, invited its timber haulage companies to visit PALFINGER EPSILON in Elsbethen in Austria.

The event served as an information platform for timber haulage companies, UPM CEWS and PALFINGER EPSILON, with the aim of discussing developments and challenges in the industry. Key priorities for the organisers, UPM CEWS and PALFINGER EPSILON, were to listen to the opinions and experiences of customers and give them useful information for their day-to-day work at the event.

‘Our aims are to get even closer to our customers, to better understand their concerns and the challenges that they face, and to offer them solutions to increase efficiency. This is possible only when we have the opportunity to speak to our customers directly. This is why we are pleased, together with UPM CEWS, to be able to set up an event that is both informative and interactive, and speak to our customers face to face,’ said Lukas Absmanner, business development manager at PALFINGER EPSILON.

Current developments in the industry, updates on quality management for timber service providers and processes for the reduction of overloaded timber transports – these are all issues that timber haulage companies are faced with on top of their work. As a result, UPM CEWS held an information event based around the aforementioned issues for timber service providers to answer any outstanding questions relating to these issues and provide its customers with the best possible support. 

Another issue facing the industry is a lack of personnel. The fact that it is difficult to find skilled employees is a well-known problem in the industry. Due to the long working hours and six-day week, fewer and fewer people are deciding to pursue a career as a timber crane operator. To overcome these skills shortages, PALFINGER EPSILON has come up with the Smart Control digital boom tip controller, which increases efficiency in particular during day-to-day work by allowing the crane’s physical capability to be utilised to the full in every situation. Thanks to this boom tip controller, crane operators can control any horizontal or vertical movement of the crane boom tip with a single movement of the lever. This simple operation reduces both mental fatigue on the part of the crane operator and training times for novice operators. Technology and convenience make work easier but also make it more attractive as a career. Customers were able to experience this first-hand at the event.

Additional joint events by UPM CEWS and PALFINGER EPSILON are already in the planning stages. Major aims for both companies continue to include close co-operation with their customers, as well as the development of processes and products to revolutionise the work of timber haulage companies and timber crane operators.


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