EPSILON M12L80 – All-rounder in action

23. octobre 2020
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The PALFINGER EPSILON M12L80 crane is showing what it can do in the area in and around Berlin.

PALFINGER EPSILON has always worked closely with its customers and catered to their varying requirements. From these customer requirements, a solution has been created for the Berlin region that is also ideal for other urban areas and conditions: the EPSILON M12L80 with HPSC (High Performance Stability Control) and LS (Load-Sensing System). 

Reliability, punctuality and flexibility are core working principles for the companies Wölbling Transporte and Yeter Containerservice from Berlin. Together, the companies with a total of 19 trucks in the Berlin region are experts in transporting bulk materials and providing container services. Above all, the companies value the high degree of user-friendliness, the reliability and the comfort that the crane offers. These characteristics enable multifunctional use of the crane.

Access points in Berlin are often tight and surrounded by obstacles. Thanks to the HPSC system, the crane is perfectly able to work even in tight spots with limited stabilizer options, while the EPSHOOD protects the crane operator from branches and leaves from trees, for example. 

EPSILON cranes have always been ideal for long periods of work without interruption and quick (turning) movements. The cranes also boast a high working speed, are multifunctional and provide the crane operator with comfort and safety. In Berlin, we have a large number of customers that work in the area of removing bulk materials from construction sites. Within this area, their day-to-day tasks are highly varied: loading and sorting different materials (construction rubble and material for recycling) as well as handling various types of earth (sand, gravel and green waste).

Therefore the challenge was to develop a crane to perform all these tasks in an urban area in a limited time with little space. In addition, the entire vehicle as an overall solution should be used as flexibly as possible in urban areas. Together with our sales and service partner in this region, CTM, we developed the solution to meet these challenges in the shape of a rear-mounted EPSILON M12L80 with Master Drive including EPSHOOD and clamshell grabbers on a two-sided three-axle tipper.

Besides the reliability of the crane, the companies value the service they receive from PALFINGER. If ever part of the crane does not work as it should, work to repair or restore the crane begins immediately via the PALFINGER service network. 
That is what makes Managing Director Dirk Wölbling so certain: “We drive a PALFINGER crane now and the next cranes will come from PALFINGER too!” 

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