Martin Höllbacher

Software developer

Firstly, let's clear up a widely held preconception. Software developers are not always to be found sitting in a basement wearing headphones. They most definitely see daylight and have social lives. At least, that's the case at PALFINGER EPSILON. That suits Martin Höllbacher very well, as the technophile IT specialist is gregarious and values interaction with his colleagues. This interaction is absolutely necessary as well, as Martin works in a new department – mechatronics and software development. There is plenty to discuss there. After all, when you dare to do something new, you can't draw on experience. What you do have, however, are possibilities.

'We are developing an operating system for automated crane functions', explains Martin, 'that folds itself away, for example, and detects obstacles in the process.'

What he finds thrilling about his job is that he can be creative, come up with something new and help to shape the future – in other words, be something of a pioneer. The machines that he programs are used all over the world. Moreover, they can actually move things.

Having studied agriculture – outside work, he runs a small agriculture and forestry business – he had never imagined that he would one day be working in mechatronics and software. It just goes to show: at PALFINGER EPSILON, it's not the path that you have travelled before that counts, but the one that you want to take in the future. The spirit and vision that you can bring. After his studies at Salzburg University of Applied Sciences, Martin gets to the heart of some questions at PALFINGER EPSILON: to what extent is automation possible? How can we make the fullest use of the potential of computer control? And when are you going to join us to help create the future?

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